Day Off to Blog on Recovery….

Well aren’t I the smug one!….it has rained cats, dogs, even elephants all day today! I don’t mind a bit of rain when I’m out but the thought of starting out in the cold rain just isn’t great. I wouldn’t even call it character building. So grateful for Friday being a rest day!

I had myself a good yoga practice this morning, did some yoga breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and feel ready to get out on the pavements tomorrow again.

So I thought I would write up my RecoveryMAGIC! page. I’m a lone runner who doesn’t really get a chance to chat with others after a long run, so I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who wishes she had a stair lift on long-run days and can’t get up from the floor without help. But it doesn’t last and I’m delighted to share how I do it! Hobble over and have a look with the link below!

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Tempo Run in the Sun!

So I thought I would have a stab at a Tempo Run today….It was tough but I loved it. I took a 2 mile warm up (still finding it hard to go slow in the warm up phase) and then an 8 mile Tempo Run. I have Runmeter on my iPhone which I love. It allows me to set pace parameters. So a lovely lady tells me when to speed up and slow down when I go outside those parameters! I had it set to 10 seconds faster than my goal marathon pace. It was tough but I was pleased with my times. I felt like I had run 18 miles or more and the cool down seemed like a steep hill, so it must be working!

It was hot and sunny for the most part. I didn’t leave the house until midday. Good practice in case Marathon Day is warmer than expected! I must be the first one on my street to have a suntan in April! My feet are still lily-white though!

I have added some observations about food as fuel for running on the Fuel MAGIC! page. Hop over and have a read. Feel free to leave comments and your experience of fuel for running so we can all share!

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Lumpy Bumpy Delapre Abbey! – Easter Sunday

Lumpy Bumpy Delapre Abbey - Easter Sunday

Thought this would help with my nerves and running in crowds which I’m not used to.
Tough off-road 13.1 – ground was hard-going having been walked over by horses in the wet which has now dried hard into lumps! Exposed tree roots, one of which I clipped going flat on my face. I was not alone! Taken an extra day to recover the legs, so filled my training slot yesterday with a run in the pool and a yoga session instead. Good as new today!

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What a Week in Marathon Training!

I have so much to share! Make sure you follow me because I won’t have time to get it all out in this one session! Here’s whats to come this week….

Blister Bliss!

Last week I was mentally challenged by a right toe which at one point looked like a huge blister! I seem to have found a combination of methods, treatments and remedies which have worked. I am troubled no more! Jump over to my FeetMAGIC! page later this week for the toe-down (sorry!) on how to treat them.

Don’t try This at this stage!

In fact don’t try ANYTHING close to a marathon. I thought I would be helping my muscles with a Warm Bamboo Massage about 10 days ago. The truth is, I’m only just recovering. It was too hard and with my continued training, my calves have been suffering since. I hear it’s called accumulative injury. If you book a massage, be clear about what you want and don’t be afraid (like me) to ask the therapist to STOP if it hurts. One should stay on the couch! Check out the MassageMAGIC! page for more information later this week!

If the shoe fits……

….it’s probably too small. Yes I’ve had a huge crash course in running shoes philosophy this week. And opinions differ as far as the marathon itself. For my overall summation, stride over to FeetMAGIC! in the next few days. Follow me and you’ll know when.

Fuel for finishing fabulously

I am a great supporter of fresh home-cooked from scratch food, a low-carb, high fibre diet, so this training has been a challenge and massive change in priority for me. All of a sudden I have a cupboard full energy bars, drinks, protein powders and pasta. How am I managing this change in attitude and can it last? Also read my troubles with caffeine – FoodMAGIC!

Zzzzzs for Repair

I have never slept so much as these last 2 weeks of training! I struggle to get up most mornings, stay awake between 11 and 4 pm without caffeine or a nap and am ready for the sack again by 8pm most nights. I hear that most professional athletes can have up to 12 hours a night and still nap in the day. That’s all very well if that’s what you do for a living. How to get the sleep you need and still have a life while in training is over on the RecoveryMAGIC! page. Look here too for information on how to recover when you can’t walk to the bathroom let alone get out there for another Tempo run.

Get following me now and you won’t miss a tip, trick or taste of everything running I have to offer….

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Marathon Magic with 6 weeks to go!

At 48, I’ve finally found the courage to go for it! I’m well into the training now….obviously! But I thought I would start this daily blog now. I have taken it upon myself, not just to train and run 26.2 miles but to really study the science behind it. Well, I’m not scientist but the physical body and mind connection has been a huge part of my life since I began teaching yoga, meditation and healing almost a decade ago. I have not been surprised to notice how the health of both are so important in training to run for what will probably be 4.5 hours. So I want to share with you all sorts of great information which I hope will benefit many first-timers and those who want to know more – everything from shoes to shakes. I am putting the practical stuff under specific headings and my daily training blog here.

I look forward to sharing your thoughts, observations and wisdom over the next few weeks.

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