Weekend with a huge difference! – Saturday!

Edinburgh marathon

Edinburgh day before Marathon

This weekend in marathon town has been a rollercoaster. Took the train into Edinburgh today for a look around the shops. It’s pretty chilly this weekend. Today was dry, but cold. The forecast for marathon day is rain, rain, rain! This is not helping my state of mind. All of my training has been almost all done in dry weather. How will I run for 4.5 hours in the wet? We are in Scotland and the weather moving from England has been torrential!

My nerves got the better of me on today. Took a bit of advice from my late mum and a wee brandy really settled my stomach. I had a very different kind of runs! Had a huge breakfast in our hotel on this morning so didn’t really feel like a lunch but had an early dinner of gamberoni spagetti (prawns in tomato sauce) – was just the ticket. Felt quite bloated as I don’t normally eat so many carbs but didn’t think I’d overdone it. A couple of hours later, I did a little yoga (sun salutations), a 15 minute run (legs felt really fresh and springy, just what I needed to help my nerves) and a dip in the pool and spa. Couldn’t find any massage oil in the supermarket so bought some extra virgin olive oil. I really do believe it is much nicer than some of these processed oils that are generally made from mineral oils. My skin felt so soft and I didn’t mind smelling a little like an Italian salad! The garlic I had for dinner was much stronger, I’m sure!!

Stuck to my resolve to drink loads of water today too.

By the time I’d finished laying all my kit out for the second time, it was gone 11 but I was feeling really relaxed…


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Transformation Teacher! - body image and eating disorders, shamanism, yoga, meditation, nutrition and many other traditional techniques for personal growth and spiritual development
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